November 12, 2016

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Science Expo is the largest student-run non-profit that connects high school students to the STEM community in Canada. We hail from Vancouver to Toronto, with a network of 150 active leaders reaching 120 high schools, representing a student body of over 60,000. Our three key programs: Conference, School Outreach, and Peer Mentorship, add value through transformational processes aimed to inspire, showcase opportunities, and to equip students with beyond-the-classroom learning.


The aim of all of Science Expo's conferences this year is to showcase to students how STEM has TRANSFORMED over the years. This year, Science Expo presents ASCENSION, a one-day conference that focuses on the future opportunities and possibilities in STEM advancements, bringing over 150 bright-minded delegates from all across Ontario. Through this conference, delegates will explore the idea of creating a technologically advanced society while tackling problems related to non-renewable resources from a diverse range of workshops, to engaging keynote speakers, to a fun-filled exposition, ASCENSION is THE STEM event to be at this November! Join us on November 12, 2016 at the MaRS Discovery District to see where the possibilities lie!

High Profile Speakers

Such as Mike Kessel,
President & CEO of Cleveland Clinic Canada

Hands-On Learning

Through workshops and design challenges

Networking and exhibition

Dozens of exhibitors




Mike Kessel

Michael A. Kessel, MBA, CPA president and CEO of Cleveland Clinic Canada, is an executive with over 20 years of experience in strategy, finance, operations and entrepreneurial activities. In addition to his work at Cleveland Clinic Canada, Mr. Kessel plays an active role on the board of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario and is a member of the International Chief Executives in Canada Committee of the Conference Board of Canada. Mr. Kessel is also an active member of Young Presidents Organization and serves on the Upper Canada chapter New Member Committee.

Prior to joining Cleveland Clinic Canada, Mr. Kessel was Co-founder and Vice President of Business Development and Finance for the Center for Partnership Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital /Trio Health in Chicago. In this role, Mr. Kessel was instrumental in the development of a network of executive health and wellness programs with leading medical centers throughout the United States. The program was ranked as one of the top in the country by Forbes and Fortune magazines.

Mr. Kessel was also Finance Manager and then Interim Finance Director for Cardinal Health Medical Products and Services, a manufacturer of medical, surgical and laboratory products in Illinois. Additionally, he was Co-founder and the Chief Financial Operations Officer for Ignition State Group, LLC, a web strategy and development firm based in Chicago.

As President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic Canada, Mr. Kessel oversees the operations of the Canadian facility, as well as program development, medical staff recruitment and operational efficiency.

Mr. Kessel and his wife Julie have three children (two girls and a boy), of which two were born in Chicago and one in Toronto.


Derek Szeto

Derek Szeto is a Queen's Commerce '05 graduate and Founder, Canada's largest bargain-shopping community with over 3.5 million monthly unique visitors. The site was launched in November 2000 to help Canadians find the best deals online and offline while provides a targeted channel for advertisers to reach Canadian shoppers.

RedFlagDeals was acquired by Yellow Pages Group in February of 2010. Derek went on to become entrepreneur-in-residence at Kinetic Café , an active angel investor, and is now CEO of Wirkn.

Wirkn is a mobile-first job search and recruitment platform for shift-based workers. Wirkn is changing the way retail and hospitality industry recruits, trains, and engages young workers with the power of mobile.


Institute of Quantum Computing, University of Watelroo: Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics describes the behaviour of atoms, molecules, and other nano- scale devices and leads to remarkable phenomena that cannot be explained by our everyday intuition of the world. Not only is quantum mechanics fascinating to experiment with, harnessing quantum phenomena can lead to tremendously more powerful technologies, such as the quantum computer, unbreakable information security and sensors that reach the natural limits of sensitivity, precision and efficiencies. In this workshop, you will experience how incredible quantum phenomena are and how we leverage them to carve the next technological revolution.


Actua: Dynamics and Design

How many forces do you encounter in a day? How do engineers design around different forces? Forces are everywhere in our day to day lives, but they are also a major consideration for engineering projects. Step into the shoes of an engineer and design your own project to deal with some surprise forces!
BC Science Curriculum links: Mechanical Systems; Motion; Energy; Forces.


STEM MINDS: Wearable Technology

STEM MINDS is pleased to host the Wearable Technology workshop at the Science Expo where students go through a journey of learning how design and technology intersect. Students learn the engineering design process to create pieces of wearable technology, using skills in programming and circuitry.

Students will create a hands-on wearable technology project using some electronic components. The workshop will provide:

  • Introduction to electronics sewing and circuitry
  • Introduction to paper circuits
  • Types of vendor products: LilyPad, Adafruit, Chibironics
  • Types of sensors and circuits that can be used: Touch, Temperature, Pressure, GPS, etc
  • An example walkthrough of how Arduino Programming is used to program the circuits
  • A sample walkthrough of projects that have been design by STEM MINDS to demonstrate the potential of wearable technology
  • A simple hands-on project to practice sewing skills. If you don't know how to sew, you can use our paper circuits for the project

  • Here is a preview of what you can do with Wearable Technology.


    Gallium Academy: Engineering and Technology Exploration

    Description coming soon!


    Maplesoft: Enhancing Real World Systems with Physics Based Modelling

    Join this session and learn how advanced physics based modeling tools are used to predict real- world system behaviors and how engineering design insights are obtained from model analysis. In this session students will learn about engineering and mathematical modeling tools that are used to predict how complex dynamic systems respond and how they can be analyzed. The presenter will walk through an introduction to the software and examples, followed by a hands- on session.

    Presented by:
    Jonathan Spike, MASc
    Application Engineer


    SCWIST: Scientific Process in Action

    Science is not a collection of facts but rather a process. This workshop is a hands-on exploration of how science happens. We reveal the process of science and discover how we build knowledge. This is very different than the linear scientific method often presented in school. At the end of the workshop, participates will have a better understanding of how science happens in all disciplines and the essential components that unify the process.


    Lighthouse Labs: Web Foundations

    In this Web Foundations sessions, we will discuss the core fundamentals of what happens when we visit webpages over the internet. We will also discuss some of the popular programming languages used to build interactive web apps like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Here are some questions we'll be answering:

  • What's the difference between websites and web applications?
  • What happens when we type "" and press Enter?
  • How are chat messages sent and received online?
  • What are some resources to be used when learning more about the web?

    8:30 Registration/Welcome
    9:00 Opening Remarks
    9:15 Keynote Speaker
    10:00 Discovery Challenge
    12:00 Lunch + Exhibition + Networking Mixer
    1:30 Workshop Round 1
    2:45 Workshops Round 2
    4:00 Keynote Speaker
    4:45 Awards Ceremony
    5:00 Closing Remarks


    MaRs Discovery District
    Toronto, Ontario




    We'd love to have you join us.